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Blue Letter Bible and Selah

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I want to introduce you to my FAVORITE online resource for my Selah time!  This site is my go to when I begin the first portion of my Selah study.  The two reasons I love Blue Letter Bible because it:

Saves Money

Instead of spending hundreds of dollars purchasing all the different resource books I would love to have for my Selah studies, is a “one stop shop” for all my study needs and it is free.

Saves Time

Blue Letter Bible (BLB) contains a large assortment of study materials to help you research the meaning and purpose of Scriptures. There are so many resources at your fingertips it saves me a great deal of time each morning!

Below are five features I use the most in my Selah Bible studies.

Reading the Word

BLB contains many of the common translations of the Bible and some not so common. I love to read the passage of the week in different versions and compare them.

Words I Looked Up

As you read the passage in the translation you choose, a TOOLS tab appears to the left of the text. Click on this and a series of tabs will pop up. Click on Interlinear and you can look up the meaning of the word you are searching in the original language. It adds so much depth and accuracy to your study when you know the meaning of the word!

Cross References

You can also find a treasure trove of Cross References at your fingertips. They are listed according to verse and hyperlinked so you can click on them and read the references for yourself! This saves so much time and you will cover more ground in your time in the Word.


When you click into the commentaries you will find both them in both audio (sermons) and written form. Some of my favorite commentators are: J. Vernon McGee, David Guzik, C.H. Spurgeon and Matthew Henry.  CAUTION: Commentaries are VERY tempting. I strongly encourage you to NOT use them until after you are done with day 5 of your study.  Let the Holy Spirit speak to you!


Because I am a visual person I love to have a look at where the passages of scripture took place.  BLB has a tab called MISC.  There is an assortment of additional materials for your learning pleasure and maps to help you set in your mind what happened where.

I am confident this will be a HUGE help for you! But, if you need help, let me know! I have designed a retreat with just this in mind! For more information about Selah or to attend a Selah Pause + Listen Retreat or to have Shelley speak to your Women’s Ministry group regarding developing a quiet time using Selah contact her here.

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