The Beauty of Truth- Chapter 9

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Hello again,

This week we will concentrate on the first of two related chapters. Chapter nine focuses on the quiet beauty that results in our spirit when truthfulness is present and next week, in chapter ten, we will talk about the loveliness of sincerity. Truthfulness is the foundational way you perceive and measure events and situations in your life and sincerity is the way this truthfulness is shown to others.

As I write this chapter I think back to my own girlhood I have to sigh because I am the least qualified to write this chapter! You see, before Christ, I always had a lie upon my lips to get me out of trouble. Rationalization and Justification were my constant bad-girl companions.   Here is how the thought process went:  I was terrified of the consequences of my actions and to cushion the blow (get out of trouble) my imaginative (sinful) mind spun detailed lies to release me from the punishment. It wasn’t until I came to know Jesus as my Savior that I was convicted of this ugly sin and my cowardice.  At age nineteen I began to understand the wisdom of Proverbs 23:23. “Buy the truth and don’t sell it.”  So, it is with great humility I present three benefits of truthfulness.

Truth Beautifies (Lies are Ugly)

Chapter nine reveals that truthfulness is a beautifying agent in our lives. The author paints a picture of truth sitting on a woman’s head like a gorgeous crown. The face is made beautiful by a noble heart and clear conscience.  The “light of honor” brightens her eyes and the beauty of character makes lovely even the homeliest of faces.  Truth is more effective in the beautification process than the most costly of creams or extreme reconstructive surgical procedures!  And the best part is its effects last a lifetime and into eternity.

Truth Protects (Lies are Harmful)

In Psalm 40:11 we find our second advantage of truthfulness. The truth always protects. When I did a word study on this passage I discovered that when we apply God’s truth to a situation, it always, always protects.  The word always in Hebrew means continually, constantly, regularly, and daily. Truth is a guardian that will accompany your daughter wherever she goes. It promises to continually preserve and protect her even when you aren’t with her on her journey through beautiful girlhood.

Truth Sets Us Free (Lies Enslave Us)

And finally, I found that just as John 8:32 says, “You shall know the truth and the truth will set you free.” God’s word is The Truth. It’s alive and active and has the ability to do surgery on our hearts. God’s word has the ability to remove and extract the lies we believe.  I am so thankful His word doesn’t have an expiration date. If we apply His truth to our lives no matter what age or stage we will be set free from what holds us captive.  Beth Moore, in Setting Captives Free, used this equation to illustrate the point.

 My Truth (experiences, environment, situation) + God’s Truth = Freedom

As you walk this chapter out in The Companion Guide to Beautiful Girlhood with your daughter, go for it with all your heart.  Do the questions and activities. Put in the hard work and don’t be afraid of the transformation that truthfulness will make!

Humbly wearing the Crown because of Him,




Truthfulness can be expressed in your daughter’s life in so many ways. It is the straightforward telling of the truth, it is not omitting the whole truth, it is being honest even when it hurts.

  • This week look for ways your daughter is being truthful and praise her.

Memory Verse

Proverbs 23:23a

“Buy the truth and don’t sell it.”

Ponder & Post

It has been said that Suzanna Wesley would not punish her children if they told her the truth about a situation. She rewarded them for telling the truth.

    • How do you feel about her method of teaching truthfulness to her children?
    • How have you taught and trained your daughter in the ways of truthfulness?

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