I am so glad you have found my site. Welcome!

Let me introduce myself. I am both an author and speaker whose passion is to assist parents in recapturing the lost art of mentoring.

Mentoring Mothers

I have been affectionately called the Mama Mentor, a title I am very proud to hold.

Oftentimes as mothers, we teach a little here and a little there hoping and praying that our daughters “turn out.” But there is a better way. We can teach our daughters with purpose and on purpose the morals, values, and standards we want them to possess. This process of purposeful teaching is called mentoring.

I have co-authored a complete mentoring program for girls ages 9-18. The three part program includes two mother-daughter Bible studies and one father-daughter Bible study.

I am a polished Christian speaker who has spoken across America. Over the years, I have developed multiple keynote and session topics about motherhood and women’s discipleship. Please see my speaking topics for a complete list. I would love to come to your ladies event or homeschool convention to speak. Feel free to contact me or book an engagement.

Homeschooling Mom

My husband Robert and I have over thirteen years of homeschooling experience with our three, now grown, children. Based on that wealth of experience, I have spoken numerous times in many states to homeschool audiences at conferences and workshops. My messages will not only touch your heart but also encourage you in the high calling of parenting on purpose so that future generations will know, serve and love the Lord.