Selah: Retreat at the Barn


Creator of Selah Bible studies invites you to an intimate 2-day workshop to:

  • learn how to be in the Word daily
  • discover how to pause and listen to God through the Word
  • reap the benefits of meditation
  • apply scripture to your own life
  • understand Who God is
  • cultivate fellowship and accountability
  • develop natural opportunities for disciple-making.


What is stopping you from developing a daily time in the Word? In our busy lives, Bible study often becomes something we “have to” to rather than “get to” experience. Each day our busy lives are filled with:

  • interruptions
  • distractions
  • procrastination
  • feeling overwhelmed
  • confusion about “what” Quiet Time is
  • overly busy
  • wrong priorities
  • not enough time

Perhaps this sounds familiar? If we admit it, most of us deal with these problems on a daily basis. This retreat will address these problems with a method called Selah, developed by Shelley Noonan.

During the retreat you will learn how to:

  1. develop a daily time in the Word
  2. dive into the Word through connecting scriptures
  3. create a context for the passage you are studying
  4. structure your week, with flexibility, to create time to be in the Word
  5. cultivate your curiosity and ask questions about the passage
  6. perceive patterns or themes of the passages studied
  7. discover how God reveals Himself through verses read
  8. pray through scripture
  9. apply what you have learned to your life
  10. learn how to study God’s Word

Through interactive sessions we will work on these amazing skills together!

Workshop Format

Because we want to keep this fairly intimate, the group is capped at 5-6 participants so we can get to know each other a bit and discover how this can work in your church, women’s ministry or small group.

Shelley will weave sessions with group discussion, hands on activities, downloadable materials, as well as provide ample space for you to pause and listen to what God is saying to you through the retreat.

1st Session: How to Create a Time and Frame to Pause and Listen

This first session provides a hands-on and interactive workshop to explain how to use the Selah Method.  We will cover:

  • The Selah Method
  • The Daily Schedule
  • How to Use Your Selah Journal
  • Questions to Ask While Doing Selah.

The participants will then dive into a portion of scripture as a class and discover in an interactive way how to study a particular passage for five days. A resource list will be provided to assist in the process.

2nd Session: How to Effectively Facilitate a Selah Bible Study

The goal of this workshop is to give the facilitators of the Selah Bible study background knowledge, facilitation skills and practical guidance on how to lead a small group while using the Selah Bible study process.  After completing this workshop, the attendees will know the difference between teaching a Selah Bible study and facilitating a small group. The Selah Facilitator will also be made aware of the fantastic discipleship opportunities they will undoubtedly encounter, and we will discuss ways of how to pursue them.  The participants will learn the technique of asking questions to allow the small group members to share their insights into the Word and the personal application they discovered for their lives.

3rd Session: Context is the Key

Before we even begin to mine the treasure from the book you have chosen, we need to establish the context. Why is context so important? Because taking verses out of context can lead to misunderstanding and error. Another area of concern occurs when we take the Bible out of context and mold selected passages to cause it to say what we want it to rather than the original meaning (2 Timothy 2:15). Understanding the context of the book you are studying involves five questions:

  • Who wrote it?
  • When was it written?
  • To whom was it written?
  • In what style was it written?
  • Why was it written?

In this final session, Shelley will lead the group through these questions and sketch out the proper framework of context so the participant can gain a Biblical understanding of the passage and stir up a healthy curiosity about what the upcoming Bible study holds (Psalm 119:103).

About Shelley Noonan

Shelley is the creator of Selah Bible Studies and is on a mission to help others create a time to pause and listen to the Lord through His Word.

These workshops are a part of her mission.

Shelley has spoken at retreats, conducted workshops and given talks at the Relevant and Beautiful Conferences. She has also been a speaker at state Home Educator’s conference, Christian Women’s Club, MOPS, and at women’s groups for events and retreats. She loves learn to learn with groups how to understand the Word better to know the Lord.

Book Tickets

Lodging: The Barn $137.00 x 2 nights =$274.00
Pause and Listen Retreat: $125.00 per person
Total Cost:

  • 2- $262 per person
  • 3- $217.00 per person
  • 4-$193.50 per person
  • 5-$180.00

Food: Included in the Selah Retreat at The Barn is the first night’s supper, continental breakfast in the morning, lunch and snacks. The last night supper is not provided as we will be dining out.