Selah Bible Studies

What is Selah?


Selah ( a Hebrew musical term used to denote times for pause and reflection) is a gentle, methodical process which helps create daily time and space to interact with God’s Word. The beauty of this study is not the method, but rather the unfathomable riches of the Bible. Simply put, Selah is a framework and a plan to systematically interact with scripture by incorporating daily time of study, meditation and application of God’s Word. Selah has been proven to be an effective tool for disciple-making through the use in small groups and during family worship.


The Selah Bible study method has broad application and can be done in a variety of different settings: individual quiet time, family devotional time, small groups or for a congregation to prepare for an upcoming Sunday message or sermon series by the Pastor.


This study is designed to study one passage of scripture 5 days in a row. This simple strategy allows there to be a pattern for the development of the important habit of daily quiet time for the individual, small group, family worship time, or congregation. Participants will develop the joyful discipline of feasting on the Word of God daily. No more wasted time on what passage to read or study.


By meeting weekly in small groups while using Selah, people can share their individual discoveries and insights. This is a perfect opportunity to develop fellowship and accountability surrounding the insights from the passages being studied.


Selah encourages the lifestyle of disciple- making in a life, in the home, and within the Body of Christ. While meeting in small groups or within the family, life issues and convictions will inevitably arise. Selah creates an opportunity to utilize the Word of God and begin the “along-side” relationship of discipleship.