Unexpected Events — Part II

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I hope you’re feeling hungry! One of my biggest desires is to get you, my reader, into the Word for yourself. Seriously, I am not an expert but want to lay my words out in such a way as to lead you to experience for yourself the banquet table of Scripture! I believe to merely read my thoughts on this topic would be a bit like eating a piece of pre-chewed fruitcake. Instead, I want you to feast on something fresh!

Grab your Bible, a cup of your favorite hot drink, your journal, and join me in a study that will explore just how unusual Mary’s reaction was to the Angel Gabriel’s announcement and examine how we can go about responding to unexpected circumstances or happenings in our lives!

Read Luke 1:26-38

  1. Gabriel was certainly a busy angel! Put the angel’s greeting into your own words. (Luke 1:28) List some reasons why Mary was greatly troubled? (Luke 1:29)
  2. What are some of the things the angel Gabriel told her about her situation? (Luke 1:30-33)
  3. What question did Mary ask? (Luke 1:34) How was the response Gabriel gave Mary different from the one given Zechariah? (Luke 1:18-20) Explain why you believe Gabriel responded differently to Mary? Hint: Doubt vs. Faith
  4. What are the two things that Gabriel tells Mary in verses 36-37? Why do you think Gabriel told her about Elisabeth’s pregnancy? What are some reasons that he would reassure her “with God nothing is impossible”?
  5. The word is the same yesterday, today, and always. Nothing is impossible for God today as well! What areas of your life or circumstances do you need to turn over to him? What keeps you from doing this?
  6. What does Mary’s simple response tell you about her character? (Luke 1:38) In your opinion, is she genuinely aware of what her future holds? (John 19:25) How will this attitude expressed in these very words help her in the future?

Read Luke 1:39-56

  1. Luke 1:46-56 is referred to as Mary’s Song and the Magnificat. Note how similar it is to Hannah’s song in 1 Samuel 2:1-10. Name a few things that she says God will do.
  2. What is the significance of verse 47?

Read Luke 2:1-19

  1. The Christmas story is so familiar to most of us. Over time, the birth of Jesus somehow becomes commonplace and even ordinary. Let’s enter Mary and Joseph’s shoes. What must have they experienced? What did they say to each other as all these extraordinary, unexpected things were happening? What might have they prayed?
  2. Explain some of the reasons you believe Mary kept and pondered all these things within her heart.

One thing I am sure of, this Christmas you too will experience unplanned events and circumstances. It is inevitable! Kids get sick, winter weather happens, and things change with our over-scheduled calendars. Join me as I practice Mary’s response of humility, praise, and acceptance to God’s sovereign plan for our holiday season.

I would love to connect in the comments below. Please share some of the unexpected things that are going on in your life so I can join you in praying about them!