Selah Ruth

The book of Ruth in the Bible is so much more than lessons on how to get along with your mother-in-law, survive a famine, travel through widowhood, or even how to catch a good husband. While all these are good things to know, the book of Ruth is able to meet you right where you are at.

Instead of traveling through this familiar book guided by another fill-in-the-blank study, Selah invites you to take your time and interact with the story for yourself by learning the following skills: Daily Reading Plan, In-Depth Word Study, Character Analysis, Discover God s Character, Application, and Praying the Scriptures.

Selah is unique because it focuses on slowing down and engaging with God s Word for yourself. This refreshing eight-week study will help you understand the book of Ruth in a new way and gain a deeper insight into Who God is.

Ideal for individuals as well as small group study!

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