Selah Psalm 119

Unpack the unfathomable richness of Psalm 119 in a whole new way using the Selah method. Psalm 119 is the longest chapter, in the longest book, in the longest half of a very, very long collection of books in the Bible.

Of all the 1,189 chapters of all the 66 books written that comprise the Bible, Psalm 119 is the longest, and for good reason. Psalm 119 has one overarching theme -God’s word. Almost every one of the 176 verses tell us about a facet of the Word. It was originally written as a mnemonic device to aid children in understanding the importance of Scripture and as an aid to memorize it.

Discover for yourself in our 22 week Selah Psalm 119 study a deeper understanding of scripture s richness. Perfect for individual study or small group settings.

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