Selah Jonah

Have you ever sensed God telling you to walk one way, yet find yourself willfully running in the opposite? What were your reasons?

Jonah found himself in this exact position! He was prejudice against a certain group of people was thought he was justified to despise them. The Ninevites were different than him, his people had a long and ugly history with them and he would rather do anything than point them toward repentance and the God of salvation.

Surprisingly, even though Jonah disobeyed God so blatantly, he identified himself as one of God’s chosen people; a man who reverently feared and worshiped the God who fashioned the sea and the dry land. In this 6-week study of the book of Jonah, you will discover for yourself Jonah’s character, how his life and experiences can be applied to your life, and witness how the Lord can turn a biased and prideful heart of disobedience into one of obedience.

Selah Jonah is a fresh new way to create space in your busy lives for the beauty of God’s word to be observed. Carve out moments to embrace rest through the Word of God. Selah is a very different way of unpacking and applying God’s Word because it teaches you to study God s Word for yourself!


  • Six-week study for individual or small group
  • In-depth Word Study
  • Character Studies
  • Connected Scriptures
  • Character of God
  • Application
  • Prayer


  • Encourages critical thinking
  • Discover God’s character
  • Engage in Bible study even during busy seasons
  • Determine connected scripture for a better understanding of the whole Word
  • Dive deep into passages of scripture
  • Find personal encouragement and direction
  • Learn to apply God’s Word
  • Pray the scriptures

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