Lessons of King Arthur and His Court

By Jacob Noonan

Lessons of King Arthur and His Court is a practical, ten week, easy-to-follow study guide that transports you into the rich literature and exciting adventures of King Arthur! This book is the study guide to Legends of King Arthur and His Court.

Each chapter includes:

  • Vocabulary: Master from eight to ten unusual vocabulary words in each lesson.
  • Study Questions: Develop a clear understanding and retention of the story line.
  • Research: Discover this fascinating time period and make it come alive through the legends, customs, weapons and practices of the Middle Ages.
  • Notebook: Collect and compile the information researched.
  • Write: Synthesize information learned through creative and research writing assignments.
  • Draw: Interpret subject matter learned through art.
  • Activity: Communicate the lessons learned by sharing a Medieval Tournament and an Oral Presentation. Lessons of King Arthur and His Court Compliments the book Legends of King Arthur and His Court

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“My 12 year old son completed this study guide on his own with minimal participation/guidance on my part. The study questions, research options, and vocabulary were really helpful for a better understanding of the King Arthur story and for learning about the Middle Ages. I liked how it brought out more than just historical facts; it drew your attention to the character of the men and made you think about the motives and reasons behind their actions and choices. I like, too, how it has a good variety of activities in every chapter designed to appeal to all learning types. I definitely recommend this study guide.” –  S.


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