Legends of King Arthur and His Court

By Francis Nemo Greene Revised by Shelley Noonan

Discover the world of Kings, Knights, and Adventure! “These stories of King Arthur are retold in the faith that chivalry in its highest sense is not dead among us; and that as long as Christian manhood survives, so will chivalric instinct be an important factor in it.” Francis Nimmo Greene author of Legends of King Arthur and His Court. Throughout the pages of this book, the reader will follow Arthur from his birth to the fall of his beloved Camelot. Whether a man or myth, Arthur was a man of vision and decisiveness and a true leader of men. Arthur epitomizes good fighting against evil, light battling against darkness, and a hero who wants to make what is wrong right!

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“This is a retelling of the story of King Arthur that I found beautifully descriptive yet relatively simple to read through. I read it aloud to my three boys, ages 7, 9, & 10, and they all enjoyed it and begged for more. I liked how the author introduced the story by telling more about the time and period of the story, and I loved the author’s explanation of chivalry.” – F.


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