The Companion Guide to Beautiful Girlhood

By Shelley Noonan and Kim Zach

Beautiful Girlhood Companion Guide

This is our 32-week Mother Daughter Bible Study for girls ages 9-13. It accompanies the classic book Beautiful Girlhood. These two books used together covers many topics specific to girls ages 9-13 and focuses on character development. The Companion Guide to Beautiful Girlhood is a perfect tool for Mother-Daughter Bible study that strengthens the Mother-Daughter relationship! Also can be used as youth Bible study lessons, Sunday school lessons, home school, and girls’ Bible study.

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“What a blessing it is to have a guidebook for such important discussions! Not only are you helping your daughter work through tough topics, but you will walk away from each session desiring to be a better woman yourself.” – Carrie Fernandez

“As a mother blessed with three beautiful daughters, I am in constant prayer for wisdom! I believe that Beautiful Girlhood and the Companion Guide have been an answer to that prayer.” – Pam Bonham Drewery