Beyond Beautiful Girlhood Plus Companion Guide

By Margaret Elizabeth Sangster Revised and Expanded by Shelley Noonan

Beyond Beautiful Girlhood is the next step in the Beautiful Girlhood series for girls ages 13-18! Is your daughter prepared for life? Have you taught her how to manage her home, life, and spirit?

Mothers, you know the transition from carefree girlhood to the daybreak of womanhood can be the most frightening and exciting of times for your daughter! This book has often been described as a “glorified home economics” course because of the Biblical manner in which it deals with the transition but it is really so much more! This 7-21 week Mother Daughter bible study creates a journey for young women and their mothers to travel together!

The focus of this book is to develop skills to help your daughter to manage three crucial areas: Home, Life, and Spirit. The topics explored include a girl’s need for private space, her choice of friends, pleasures (hobbies/activities), books, education, and her future occupation. This volume is for both mother and daughter to write in! The journal questions and Bible studies are divided between mother and daughter—so concerns, thoughts and experiences can be freely shared during weekly meetings. Numerous project suggestions are included for home economics, life skills and in-depth spiritual discipleship.

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“She now stands where the little limpid brook…”What a perfect illustration of a young lady on the cusp of adulthood, and how accurately it details this mother’s heart. I am so thankful for this book. How refreshing to not get more of the same ‘teenagers are a pain’ drivel so easily found in today’s parenting books.  I highly recommend this book to mothers facing the delights and challenges of mothering a teen through adulthood.” – M.R.


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