How to Memorize Scripture Using Selah | Memorizing Scripture with Selah

How to Memorize With Selah

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Cherry picking is the term I refer to for selecting a verse that catches your attention to memorize.  Selah studies has a built-in ‘favorite’ scripture section to write in every week. And once you have captured that verse in your memory, it is fruit that you can savor anytime you like! Usually, I found a verse or two of scripture stands out to me because it applies to my life. Often, the Lord is using this to talk to me about a specific topic.  But first you need a plan.


Write Out the Verse Several Times

  • in your Selah book
  • on a sheet of paper
  • on an index card.

Use First Letters and Punctuation

  • On the back of the index card write the first letter of each word with proper punctuation and use it as a review.
    • Example: Psalm 9:10 “Those who know Your name trust in You, for You, LORD, have never forsaken those who seek You.”
    • You would write:T w k Y n t i Y, f Y, L, h n f t w s Y.

Draw a Picture

  • You don’t have to be an artist to draw a picture to remind you of the topic in the passage. You can use stick figures or more elaborate sketches to illustrate it.


Memorize the Word Perfectly
There will be a temptation to lower your standard and hope you get the gist of a passage, but don’t settle for good enough! Memorize it word for word and learn the reference.

Find Accountability
Accountability is built into your Selah small group! It would be a quick 5-10 minutes to have everyone go over their memory verse each time you meet!

Review and Meditate Each Day
Every morning, when you take out your Selah book, open in prayer and look at the verses you have memorized. Review them as you do dishes, or drive in the car, or are in the bathroom. Make it a habit!

Remember, with the Selah Bible Study method, memorization is not the end in itself! The goal is not to see how many verses we can memorize. The goal, like all spiritual disciplines, is godliness. We want God’s word to transform our hearts, minds and our life through the fruit of His Word.