From the Child to the Woman – Chapter 2

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Welcome back to week two of the Mother-Daughter Bible study B’twixt and B’tween Blog as study Chapter 2 in the classic Beautiful Girlhood and The Companion Guide to Beautiful Girlhood!

I trust you and your daughter enjoyed your very first lesson together. Did you take the time to introduce yourself to the group? If not, make sure you do so on Instagram or on Facebook! Ladies, I encourage you to jump in and leave your questions and comments and to also reply to the comments and questions others leave. This is how we create and form our community.

Last week we began the study with the theme of transition. This week we will talk in more detail about the transition from beautiful girlhood to womanhood.

I can still clearly remember when I first noticed my daughter changing from girl to woman. One day, I caught a glimpse of the first trace of cheekbones being sculpted from her round and rosy little girl cheeks. Her feet grew over one short summer to a size 8 ½. And my, oh my, the clothing I just purchased didn’t quite fit her the way it should as curves began appearing in areas that were once flat. And yikes, much to my dismay, I started to sense an occasional resistance to my authority.

Dear Mother, I mentioned my experience with my daughter to get you into a frame of mind for this week’s study. The chapter title from Beautiful Girlhood is From Child to the Woman and that pretty well says it all, doesn’t it?

“We see this miracle take place continually, yet we never cease to wonder at the sweetness,

charm and beauty of every young woman as she comes to maturity.”

So, this week I want you to begin to plan how you will teach your daughter about this amazing transformation she can be looking forward to. Please check out question 3 of the Discussion Questions in The Companion Guide to Beautiful Girlhood, as it gives you an opportunity to open up a dialog about this area in a more purposeful way.

If you have this area under control already, then Bravo! But, if you are like many women and don’t know where to begin or would like to have more resources on hand, please examine the suggested resources list. And if you are really concerned…the Mp3 Welcome to Womanhood (see link for FREE Mp3 below) could be just the pep talk you need!

And finally, because this conversation can be as difficult for Mom as it is for your daughter, I want to really encourage you to study up and be prepared. And don’t forget to post questions, suggestions, and comments on the post for Chapter 2! Remember, this is a process we are all going through…you are not in this alone.





  • Read Chapter 2 of Beautiful Girlhood aloud to your daughter and do the questions in The Companion Guide to Beautiful Girlhood.
  • If your daughter is approaching the age when you need to talk to her about her changing body, plan how you will explain things to her. (Check out the resources listed below for help!)
  • How will you prepare her for this change? Perhaps you will give her a book to read and discuss. Go for a mother-daughter day? Go bra shopping? Maybe even a special meal including your husband, you, and her?
  • Because this chapter is about becoming a capable woman, read Proverbs 31 several times with your daughter this week. Ask the Lord to give insight into who the woman was/is and how you and your daughter can be more like her!


Memory Verse

Proverbs 31:30

Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting,

but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised.”


Ponder and Post

  • What are some ways you can celebrate your daughter’s amazing transition from girl to woman?
  • What does it mean to be capable? How can you begin to train your daughter to become a capable woman?
  • What has worked for you?


Recommended  FREE Resources

Welcome to Womanhood MP3

For mothers only. Between the ages of 10-14, your daughters undergo various drastic changes. She is making the delicate transition from girlhood into womanhood. It can be overwhelming for the girl…but also for the mom! Shelley will help you discover various ways to talk to your daughter about her changing body, ways to commemorate the occasion, and a timeline of age-appropriate informationFREE.

Mentoring Your Daughter MP3

Little girls grow up so fast…if only there were a simple method to instill your values into your daughter. There is! It’s called mentoring. The main component of mentoring is T.I.M.E. Join Shelley Noonan as she encourages and motivates you to spend your TIME mentoring your daughter by sharing her own brand of practical wisdom. FREE.

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