Shelley has created an online mentoring program at B’twixt and B’tween for moms and daughters ages 9-13 using Beautiful Girlhood and The Companion Guide to Beautiful Girlhood.

B’Twixt & B’Tween is not just a blog but a free online bible study and resource designed to encourage and equip you as you help your daughter navigate her way through beautiful girlhood. Our Beautiful Girlhood bible studies for girls ages 9-14 helps to bring a closer connection between daughters and their mom. The main focus of this study is a firm grounding in the Word of God. This valuable, free online Bible study for girls provides instruction, knowledge, and guidance every step along the way. When you start Bible study for girls at a young age, you help to build their character while instilling a sense of Godly discipline. The structure of this girls Bible study, The Companion Guide to Beautiful Girlhood and Beautiful Girlhood, is a perfect way to introduce reading the Word every day, a habit that is well suited for lifelong adherence.

We encourage you to begin this journey of Bible studies for girls at a young age, and include essential teachings for a closer, more in-depth walk with Christ Jesus. We also have Bible studies for older girls, as they begin their journey toward womanhood as well. All of our titles are highly recommended, wholesome, and applicable for any girl seeking a better understanding of the Word. The benefits of these bible studies for girls and devotions for girls is a strengthened mother-daughter relationship, a sense of purpose for your daughter as she grows in Christian character and a grounding in the knowledge of God’s word. May you enjoy the journey!

Visit the B’Twixt & B’Tween blog site today to get essential teachings and resources  for you and your daughter!