Choosing a Life Work – Chapter 29

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As little girls,  we start trying on different identities very early while playing dress-up. Maybe we pretend to be a nurse, a teacher, a Mama, a doctor,  or even a  garden fairy.  But, do we choose our life’s work, or does our life’s work choose us?  

Let me explain why I ask.

After two years of marriage and two children, I came to the momentous conclusion that the noble profession of nursing was not “family-friendly.” My mother counseled me to get some more education and join the professional ranks as a teacher. The benefits, as far as I could see, were great! No nights, weekends, holidays, or on-call hours. After careful research and prayer, I presented my well-laid plan to my husband one night after supper. I would attend the local college for three more years and get my teaching degree. By the time our kids were in school, I would be finished. The children could be with me…sort of…at the daycare provided by the college. A significant amount of credits I had already earned would be used toward this degree.




My husband gave me a very clear and concise answer. “NO.” He wanted me to be with our children as much as possible and to continue to work nights and weekends, holidays, and be on call. I was utterly devastated.

Later that evening, unable to sleep, I crept out of our bed to have a conference with God about “him”. “Lord!” I cried out, “this was the perfect plan. Why did You let him say no? Why is Bob being so stubborn? I love teaching my children so I know I would be a great teacher! Why are you doing this to me? ”

A still, small voice answered me, saying to my spirit,

“What you want and what I want are two different things.”

That quiet statement of truth caught my attention. Later, I found this was a paraphrase of Isaiah 55:6-9. This answer was God speaking to me and He had a  much better plan for my life.

Five years later, the Lord revealed the fulfillment of this whispered promise.  Way back then, He had placed in my heart a longing to teach children, my children. Through various circumstances, it became very clear to both my husband and me that I was to have the privilege of teaching our children at home.

Can you imagine? How could I have known that God created in me the heart to teach my own little ones?   My hope became a reality in a way I would never have imagined. Something so much better.

Ladies, allow your daughter to dream, find ways to help her make her goals come true in regard to her life’s work. I pray this chapter in The Companion Guide to Beautiful Girlhood will guide you and your daughter to dream the dreams He has for you!

Praising God that He is the One who chooses the work of my hands,




1. Examine your family’s view on education. Write down the ways your views have changed since you were a young girl.

2. Life can be an excellent academy! Share with your daughter about some of the classes life has enrolled you in. Retell some of the lessons and teachers you have had and how they have helped you be who you are today.

3. With your husband, explore ways you could guide and encourage your daughter in areas of higher education. This may entail planning ahead for going to college or continuing the process of growth through the opportunities the Lord gives when she is done with her formal studies

Memory Verse

Jeremiah 29:11

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”


Ponder and Post

1. Culture is something that needs to be continually developed. Charlotte Mason referred to the act of reading good books and continuing to develop in various areas as “Mother Culture.” What are the areas of culture you, mom, could develop?

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