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Just last week my daughter Laura posted a picture of her newly pruned grapevines on Facebook to ask me if she had pruned her year-old grapevines correctly. Laura and her family live in Dallas, Texas, nearly 600 miles away from our farm in Nebraska, so now we do our garden discussions via cell phone and the internet.  Laura always had …

Four Tools to Bond With Your Daughter

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For many of you, a change in season signals a new beginning of sorts. Many of us are yearning for a change in the way we interact with our daughter, a change in negative patterns we have established and are perhaps passing down.  It is a new season of spending time with your daughters. If we were to put a …

time with your daughter

Four Step Plan for Time with your Daughter

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Hey there Mama, I am talking to you… you are the one with a ‘tweenage daughter who is transforming before your very eyes.  This New Years, have you taken a long, hard look at your life and wish you could have a better relationship with your daughter than you did last year? Do you look back on the past year …

Ideas for One-On-One Time

Ideas for One-On-One Time with Your Daughter

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Let me love you a little longer before you’re not little anymore… January makes me reflective. I distinctly remember glancing at my then twelve-year-old girl’s face and, I caught a fleeting glimpse of who she would be when grown into a woman.  That was 20 plus years ago, but this memory of the-future-her is etched into my mind. It was …