A Spacious Place – Part 3

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Last time I shared a bit about my confining health in A Spacious Place Part 2. If you haven’t read it yet, please go back and read it now. Seriously, since I was six weeks old, I was given allergy shots, salves, cortisone cream, Grenz (baby radiation) rays, transfusions, shots, vitamins, UV light treatment, high powered immunosuppressants and wet packs. …

Praying for a Broken Heart

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  This good Friday afternoon, during the COVID-19 pandemic, finds me in a reflective mood.  What is so good about Good Friday? During these difficult times, many hearts are being crushed by the external pressures of this world, squeezed by the absence of income, or devastated by the loss of a loved one who will not be seen again in …

Spacious Places – The River

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Forgotten Home by Dejan Stojanovic My feelings are too loud for words And too shy for the world. Read the light and have a dream In your hidden garden. No need for words. The words are but shadows Of stories never said, Shining from distant kingdoms, Reminding you of a forgotten home. Light rays will tell you the story. There …

A Spacious Place – Part 1

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Yikes! If you follow my writing or know me, you understand I am a private person and don’t share unless I think it will help. So please indulge me as I share “my story” I know some of you are in situations that cannot or will not change.  Within these tight places of life, you feel trapped. It is my …

Escaping The Captivity of Activity

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Almost all of us have heard the term Quiet Time. This time refers to a daily occasion when we draw away from the hectic and frantic pace of our lives to steal some moments with Jesus. This communion with Christ can be done in so many different ways such Bible reading, worship, prayer, in-depth study of the Word and its deeper meanings, and even meditation. These are all perfectly in line with what we often refer to as a Quiet Time.  Today, I would like to take a slightly different approach to Quiet Time.

Five Simple Selah Hacks

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A hack is when a tricky problem is solved by a clever solution or when a modification or change is made to something and it yields extraordinary results. Here are five simple hacks, and these are the clever solution type, to apply to your Selah Bible study.