Responding to Unexpected Circumstances Part II

Responding to Unexpected Circumstances — Part II

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I hope you’re feeling hungry! One of my biggest desires is to get you, my reader, into the Word for yourself. Seriously, I am not an expert but want to lay my words out in such a way as to lead you to experience for yourself the banquet table of Scripture! I believe to merely read my thoughts on this …

Responding to Unexpected Circumstances

Responding to Unexpected Circumstances — Part I

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Yikes!! This week, as of today, we have a mere two weeks until Christmas! During this busy time, is it just me or is the last thing you want to occur is something unanticipated? For most of us, our over-scheduled December calendar just can’t handle one more thing! This is the first part of a two-part series where we will …

Five Simple Selah Hacks

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A hack is when a tricky problem is solved by a clever solution or when a modification or change is made to something and it yields extraordinary results. Here are five simple hacks, and these are the clever solution type, to apply to your Selah Bible study.

Escaping The Captivity of Activity

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Almost all of us have heard the term Quiet Time. This time refers to a daily occasion when we draw away from the hectic and frantic pace of our lives to steal some moments with Jesus. This communion with Christ can be done in so many different ways such Bible reading, worship, prayer, in-depth study of the Word and its deeper meanings, and even meditation. These are all perfectly in line with what we often refer to as a Quiet Time.  Today, I would like to take a slightly different approach to Quiet Time.