A Spacious Place – Part 3

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Last time I shared a bit about my confining health in A Spacious Place Part 2. If you haven’t read it yet, please go back and read it now.

Seriously, since I was six weeks old, I was given allergy shots, salves, cortisone cream, Grenz (baby radiation) rays, transfusions, shots, vitamins, UV light treatment, high powered immunosuppressants and wet packs. All in the effort to calm my angry red skin down. My parents faithfully took me to the doctor and when I got married my faithful husband took over the quest for healing. We traveled far and wide to get some relief but to no avail.

Unfortunately, I was much like the woman in Mark 5:25–34 who went to numerous doctors for years but never healed.

Eventually, in about my fourth decade of life, I discovered that even though my tight and stifling situation didn’t change, I emerged into a broad space by asking Jesus to be with me in my condition. Slowly, He changed my mind and my heart, and I noticed His presence refreshed my spirit even though my situation didn’t budge. My focus shifted from my unchanging health to the Face of the Unchanging One until my heart was contented.

And then last year things changed. Two of my doctors suggested the same prescription out for me to start a new type of drug for my Eczema.  One described the medication I had previously taken to control my unruly immune system as a grenade, blowing up everything in its path, but the potential new drug as being as precise on my immune system as a sniper bullet. However, this new weapon had a hefty price tag. My prescription was submitted once and then again, but each time the insurance company rejected it due to cost. But, my  Dermatologist and Allergist went to bat for me! They appealed the denial and presented the case to the State Board of Insurance, but the board upheld the insurance company’s decision.

Truthfully, I was disappointed but not destroyed. You see, by now (after all these years of spacious living despite my circumstance) I didn’t put much faith in a drug or the insurance companies, not because they aren’t helpful, but because my hope was not in them, but in the Lord.

Miraculously, two days after I received the “bad news”, I got a call from Dupixent, the drug company. They offered me a one-year trial with the medication under a program called Dupixent MyWay. AMAZING!!  I began the bi-monthly shots last September.

By January, I knew something was different. My skin was clear, and I was not itching. Surprisingly, I could sit still and fall asleep quickly at night instead of being plagued by itch-driven insomnia.

By March, I not only felt a change in my skin’s color and texture but I noticed a shift in my thinking. Murky issues that seemed complex or emotional for me became effortless and crystal clear. The future that used to feel so tentative transformed into something I eagerly look forward to and planned.

By June, I started to make plans for some adventures! Things that I haven’t been able to do in like…ever. Next time I will share where I have been. But in the meantime…

Here are some helpful resources on Severe Atopic Eczema-

Dupixent: This is the “miracle” drug that has truly changed the way I experience life!  Check it out or refer it is someone you know has severe Eczema! It just might help them

Allergy Associates of La Crosse: I couldn’t handle allergy shots as I would have a huge reaction. Dr. David Morris started this clinic and revolutionized desensitization to allergens by the creation of sublingual drops. His daughter, Dr. Mary Morris, gave me hope and the allergy drops are working!

Dr. Mark Heible:  Dr. Mark is unusual for a Dermatologist because he worked with my Allergist, Dr. Mary, as a team for my health. His staff persistently worked with the insurance company as well as Dupixent to get me started on the road to healing.

Dear Reader, please come back because I want to take you with me on a road trip!

Photo by Hanneke Laaning on Unsplash