5 Ways to Have a Regular Quiet Time

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5 Ways to Have a Regular Quiet Time

My mother used to say to me when she found out I was working on a new discipline “The only thing about you that is consistent is your inconsistency…”

OUCH…the truth hurts.  I longed for a predictable, regular daily time in the Word but always seemed to fall short of that mark.  And girls, when I came to know the Lord in my late teens, no one ever told me I would have such an ongoing struggle with my appointment with Him in the morning. (If you haven’t already read my  previous blog post, take a look at it before you read this one) 

This malady is a common one for most Believers. Let me share with you 5 things that have helped me find my Quiet Time rhythm.

#1 Plan- Find a plan that works for you! 

I have already confessed that I have struggled with inconsistency with my Quiet Time. They work until I need a change. My quest led me to Selah. Right now, at the risk of sounding like I am blowing my own horn, for the last *gasp* six years, I have been enjoying a Bible study I wrote called Selah. Take a look at an overview of the Selah Method is here.

The Hebrew musical term Selah is used specifically in the psalms or poetry of the Bible. This ancient word means to pause and listen. Selah invites you to pause and listen to a specific portion of scripture for five days by doing several planned activities in your quiet time. The Selah Method works for me and boredom is a thing of the past because scripture has so many layers to explore. (You can find Selah on Amazon. Here is Selah Ruth)

Having a daily plan helps with consistency! Search for a plan that works for you to stay with, and stay with it until it doesn’t. Go ahead! Move on to the next plan, and keep looking for ways to digest the Word of God that works for you

#2 Time- Find a time that works for you!

I find early morning, before the news, while having coffee works for me at this stage in my life. My mind is usually sharpest in the morning, and I don’t mind watching the sunrise as I meet with the Lord through the Scripture. It might be during children’s nap time for you or when they are off to school. Be flexible and have grace with yourself.

#3 Place- Find a place that works for you!

Over the years, the place I meet Him has varied. Right now, it is in my office at my desk, but when my children were younger it was in the living room on the couch so I could hear the pitter-patter of little feet when they arose. Discover the place or places that work for you and realize it might change.

#4 Accountability- Find a group of people!

There is something incredibly motivating about meeting with a group that is cheering for me as we study Scripture together. Better yet, when I facilitate or lead a group my desire to be prepared skyrockets and I use this leverage as motivation for me in my daily time with Him. Another idea is to start a Bible study with a group of friends or people at church who can encourage you to have that time in the Word daily while preparing for a small group Bible study.

So, let me repeat this simple fact. There will be times when Quiet Time will be inconsistent. 

#5 Remember -There is only One Who is Consistent

My suggestion is to make regular time in the Word your goal but understands you will fail; however, God never does. Take your eyes off yourself and run back to Him again and again. This is where our true consistency lies.

Let me know what you think and email me shelleynoonan@hotmail.com if you have any comments or questions!